Canine Chaos

by Dec 14, 2018

Upon arrival, the house looked like a tornado had gone through it, selectively, room by room, leaving the walls in tact but little else. The caller went Defcon 1 just in time! Her camera system paid off when she was alerted to the dogs escaping from their crates and proceeding to party mode with seemingly every object within reach, including some very interesting food options.

Rover 1 and 2 (names are changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent as usual) came barreling up, no menace intended, as if to invite others to the games. After a moment to greet them warmly and hard suppressed laughter, they were collected and leashed. They had been quite naughty and shouldn’t be rewarded with much attention. But then that would be best left to the client.

So how does a personal assistant save a client? In this instance, it would be by making a mad dash to their house, via detailed instructions, to enter the house through the exterior garage key pad and stop the canine madness. After gathering the dogs, and a few chew bones added to their crates, they were then secured. Additionally, turning on the TV gave them a distracting noise and the idea of company. An amount of tidying was required to provide a safe path through the house, and then it was a wave goodbye to the camera for the client to see the crisis had been relatively resolved. A personal assistant to the to the rescue, canine and otherwise.