Family & Friends

by Jan 11, 2019

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.” Love that song and line by the Hollies! And so, as the song infers, we are here for our family and friends. Most of the time that isn’t a burden, however, every now and then you have to say no or do the deed with a touch of resentment or irritation. Possibly it’s that friend who always needs a favor just when your own reports are due at work or the kids have play-off soccer matches which includes out of town travel. Stopping to pick it up, take it and drop it off, make it or repair it, even research it can be that final straw that breaks the calendar of activities balance.

You could say no, and there is no harm in that. After all, a bit of self-preservation allows you help another day. Unfortunately, it might come with a heavy dose of guilt, after all they always responded quickly when you asked them. Consider another option, instead of the stress and taking on the responsibility, or the guilt, outsource! Your family and friend favor account remains healthy and intact while you hire the personal assistant to fulfill the request. There is no shame in knowing when you are taxed to the max and there isn’t room for one more thing. Wisdom enters when you delegate. Call the personal assistant, it usually comes with a healthy feeling of release.