Questions Anyone?

by Dec 28, 2018

Questions, questions, questions! Who needs a personal assistant? Frankly who doesn’t? Busy people, unorganized people, people who value their time and delegate, executives who can’t call on company professionals to take care of the personal details, new residents, overworked mothers, befuddled seniors whose life has become confusing or their health limits them, start-up companies who are too small for the regular temp or prefer the confidentiality of a known PA instead of the revolving door of temporary employees, people caught up in life situations without a friend backup, pet parents without resources, and the list goes on.

What is the cost? Personal assistants charge different rates depending upon their locale and skillsets. Measure their cost versus your time, it can be a bargain.

Why should I use a personal assistant? Well you could call that neighbor who is equally busy and trying to conquer their own to-do lists or try your mother who may have retired but is not physically unable to accomplish much due to ailing health. Then there might be a partner who is always willing but not quite capable or dependable. Those are few of the examples I hear repeated. “My neighbor usually helps with _________ but I can’t seem to reach her/him”, “I called Mom but today isn’t a good day”, “I’d ask my partner but __________.” Maybe you have your own reason, so whatever that may be, don’t hesitate, call me. I am ready and waiting to help.