So Many Cards…!

by Jan 4, 2019

It was a crying newlywed. An exhausted, drained, overwhelmed new bride facing almost two hundred thank you notes and the couple was all out of steam. She was so close to a mass e-mail or FB post, but she knew it would mean cardiac arrest for her mother and possible estrangement with her mother-in-law if a solution wasn’t found quickly.

Enter the personal assistant with cursive writing skills and a great pen and all the time needed to get those cards written, addressed, noted and mailed. The project also involved Googling a few people for their addresses and checking the actual gifts to mention specifics in the thank you notes. It was a guided effort and absolutely counts for the personal touch of a hand-written thank you note. Crisis averted!

Can’t seem to write that letter? Lost for information to draft correspondence that must be written and not e-mailed? Too close to a situation to send a letter/card/e-mail that doesn’t contain bias and emotion? Maybe your motor controls no longer allows for cards and notes? Call a personal assistant!