The Cable and Utility Tale of Woe and Off-the-list

by Dec 1, 2018

It took a personal day of time and all the patience I could muster to meet them. While the move was stressful enough, getting everything turned on and data/TV installed took a strong second place. Making the phone arrangements were only half the fun. Next came coordinating all the appointments and the best part, waiting on them to show up. Things have changed a bit these days, their efficiency has improved with reduced service fee promises for missed deadlines, texts and calls confirming and providing ETAs, although it remains a huge hook in on your time. Once they arrived the placements of data and TV equipment began. It was at that very moment I determined I was going to start a personal assistant business in the future for all the working crowd out there who might lose a client, anger a boss, disappoint a team or worse jeopardize their job. Waiting for service techs just wasn’t worth my time, company time, a vacation day and otherwise. Now a days, it’s my pleasure to wait for the service techs and contractors, in order to assist to others.