Yuck! Moving.

by Dec 21, 2018

“Don’t let go!” she begged as I clung dearly to the very valuable painting. Making the PA sweat with this one I thought, as my fingers curled tightly around the frame while carefully navigating a stable ladder. Today was the finishing touch to a long-haul move for a new client. The balance of the house was unpacked and the furniture well placed. Now it was down to the details and I was there to hold pictures and art for the client throughout the house. Soon, with the finishing touches completed, this project would bring a stressful move to an end.

Her impatient husband was glad to have this outsourced. His sigh of relief was heard across town! There would be no arguing on the location, no disparaging remarks on the quality or type of art, nor digs at hanging family portraits that were not appreciated on the wall real estate. Did someone say peacemaker?

Yes, a personal assistant is a peacemaker of a sort. We get in to the thick of the problems without judgements. To us there is only the task, not the thought of a right or wrong. Forget those keys? Lose that presentation? A child missing their lunch? Racing to find that anniversary gift? Listening on the phone to an aging parent that you can’t regularly call? Cleaning out spaces that haven’t seen the light of day for years? It’s all in a day’s work, without a hint of attitude from us.